Rio's Annual Research & Scholarship Exhibition

The Research & Scholarship Exhibition is a day in late April when all of our hard working students come out of their labs, workshops, caves and cubbyholes to present all of their wonderfully creative and innovative projects that have kept them busy all year.  RSE is dedicated to the celebration of Rio's many talented and hard working students, and the many, many things they accomplish around campus, around the community, and around the world.   

Who attends RSE?

Everyone.  All Rio faculty, staff and students, as well as families and all members of the surrounding community are invited to attend as guests.  Admission is free and the excitement is contagious.  Most professors and Rio administrators can be seen mingling with presenters, parents and community members at various times throughout the day. 

What can I see at RSE?

Projects from all disciplines have been presented in many formats; posters, plays, musical and poetic performances, papers, lectures and just about anything else you can imagine have been showcased in the past.  There's something for everyone.

Who presents at RSE?

Any Rio student working with a faculty mentor or on their own is invited to answer the call for abstracts every fall.  Watch your student email or click here to view the presentation guidelines and abstract submission form. 

When is the next RSE?

RSE 2018 will take place on Thursday April 19th in the Berry Fine and Performing Arts Center on the University of Rio Grande main campus. Use the links on the right for information on deadlines and presentation guidelines.