Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Deacade of DreamsOne of the most important responsibilities of board members at a college or university is to set the strategic direction for the institution. At the annual retreat of the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College boards of trustees held in October 2010, the members fully embraced that mandate. Simply put, they charged the President and leadership team to “think big.” Set in that context, this plan is Rio Grande’s Decade of Dreams.

The University and Community College forged a unique partnership in the early 1970s in order to best serve students in the region. Rio Grande’s mission is to maintain rigorous standards in its undergraduate, graduate, and adult education programs and to engage students from a wide spectrum of abilities and backgrounds while consistently preparing students for the challenges of living fulfilling lives, reaching career goals, and being responsible citizens in a culturally diverse, global community. As part of the planning process, those original tenets were reviewed, and a blueprint for the next decade is now written.

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