Unique Programs

University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College Partnership

The partnership between the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College is unique and provides a great opportunity for local and out-of-district students. The first two years of a bachelor degree offer community college rates.

Welsh Exchange Program

Established in 1997 as a outgrowth of two successful North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture and History conferences held on the campus of the University of Rio Grande, the Madog Center for Welsh Studies has as its mission to foster understanding and appreciation for Welsh heritage and contemporary Welsh culture. For over ten years the Center has been central to the preservation of Welsh history and culture in this area of southern Ohio which saw a high percentage of Welsh immigration in the mid 1800’s. Programs today include a student exchange with Trinity University in Carmarthen, Wales, a Welsh internship program which brings a Welsh-speaking professional to the Center to represent Wales and assist with activities, the Oral History Project, University Faculty Fellowship, Welsh Scenic Byway Project, Y Bont Newsletter, family history and genealogy library and assisting the Welsh-American Heritage Museum.