Guest and Transient Students


You attend another college, we get that, but you still need to take that course that you can never get into, or the class with the professor everyone dreads, maybe even retake a class.

If you are currently a student at another college and want to take courses at Rio Grande with the intention of transferring them back to your own college, you are what we call a “transient student” or “guest student.”

Taking summer classes at Rio Grande as a transient/guest student can save you money AND ease your course load when you go back to your home college in the fall. You will spend your summer getting ahead by earning credit toward your degree – at a much lower tuition rate!

  • Reduce your overall college cost
  • Earn credits toward your degree
  • Easy credit transfer back to your home college
  • 4 Southeast Ohio locations plus online courses
  • Day or evening class times
  • Shorter summer semester
  • Small classes with professors who are dedicated to your success 
  • You can tell your parents you can’t get a job because your “focusing on school”

Getting started is quick and simple.

Step 1: Apply to Rio Grande

Applying online is quick and FREE! In the Special Needs or Unusual Circumstance box, just enter “Guest Student.”


Step 2: Talk to your advisor at your home school.

Confirm the courses you take will transfer in and apply toward your degree.


Step 3: Meet with a Rio Grande Advisor

Schedule an appointment with New Student Advising office, (740)245-7279. During this meeting, they will advise, and register, you on which courses are the best fit. While an official transcript is not required, an unofficial transcript may be necessary if your selected class requires a prerequisite.



Class and Tuition Information