College Credit Plus 2018-19

Ohio’s College Credit Plus (CCP) can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students. Taking a college course from the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College is free. That means no cost for tuition, books or fees.

Process to Participate Runs From February 15 through April 1

  • Discuss with your guidance counselor your interest in taking college courses and how it fits in with your overall academic plan and career goals.
  • Submit a CCP application, an official high school transcript, and ACT scores (if applicable) to:

Taylor Noel
Office of Admissions
University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College
PO Box 500, Rio Grande, OH 45674

  • By April 1, notify your school counselor if you intend to participate in College Credit Plus next year. After April 1, you will need permission from the school principal to participate.

Application deadlines:

  • Summer Term: May 1st
  • Fall Term: July 1st
  • Spring Term Nov 1st.


CCP Application 2018-19.pdf

CCP Eligibility criteria 2018-19.pdf

CCP PowerPoint Public Schools.pdf

CCP PowerPoint Private and Homeschool.pdf

To ensure college readiness, CCP students are required to take a placement test. Students wanting to participate in the program at Rio will be able to participate based on the following criteria:

ASSESSMENT THRESHOLD SCORES (meets college ready standards)

ACT Subscores:
Math 22 or higher
Reading 22 or higher OR English 18 or higher

Accuplacer (Math):


Writeplacer (English):


If a prospective CCP student scores below the “assessment threshold score” on an approved assessment exam (Accuplacer, Writeplacer and/or ACT), but within the “score range to be considered” (calculated as the standard error of measurement), then the student can be considered eligible for CCP if he/she meets one of the following criteria

  • Has a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Receives a letter of recommendation from a school guidance counselor, principle, or career technical advisor


ACT Subscores:

Math 20-21

Reading 20-21 OR English 16-17

Writeplacer (English): 4

After we have received all the required information, the student will receive a letter indicating the date and time of testing. The placement test consists of two parts:

  1. Math – Accuplacer, a computer-based math test
  2. Writing – Writeplacer

Each student taking the test will receive a second letter advising on next steps.

15-Credit CCP Pathway: General Education

ENG 11103—Composition I
ENG 11203—Composition II
COM 11103—Fundamentals of Communication
ART 10303—Art Appreciation
MUS 10403—Music Appreciation
FPA 10503—Fine Arts
ENG 24103—Literary Imagination
HUM 20103—The Humanities
PHR 21103—Philosophical Inquiry

For a total of 15 credit hours

30+-Credit CCP Pathway (15 credit hours from above +)

HIS 13103—World Civilization I
HIS 13203—World Civilization II   
ATH 12103—Anthropology 
HIS 12203—American History II 
POL 11103—American National Government 
ECO 11103—Contemporary Economics 
PSY 11103—General Psychology
SOC 11103—Introduction to Sociology
MTH 14505—Precalculus
MTH 21404—Introduction to Probability & Statistics
MTH 15105—Calculus
BIO 11404—Principles of Biology
BIO 12104—Biology I

For a 17-18 credit hours + the 15 from above.  (32-33 credit hours)

For additional information please contact:

Taylor Noel – College Credit Plus Admissions Coordinator

For additional information on the College Credit Plus program, please visit the Ohio Department of Higher Ed website at