Master of Education with an emphasis in Integrated Arts

Integrated Arts (40532)


The Program Description:

The University of Rio Grande Master of Education Program is designed for teachers, museum educators, and others who are interested in using an interdisciplinary approach to teaching. Our program is based on Howard Gardner’s "Theory of Multiple Intelligences." Gardner believes that the human mind learns through at least eight different intelligences. We emphasize the arts as a key motivator for learning and understanding throughout the curriculum. This is an experiential degree where students will actively participate in music, dance, visual arts, and theater, in addition to the more pedagogical subjects. Assessment will be qualitative and authentic. Progress will be measured primarily by journals and portfolio presentations, not by testing and papers. This program is given in a series of four-week summer sessions, and many of our courses are made available over the Internet for the fall and spring semesters.

The Integrated Arts program evolved from the belief that all children can learn and that all children possess multiple intelligences. Because children learn in different ways and need active involvement, teachers must focus on the process of learning through experiences. Children need creative activity that can offer thematic and topical ways of relating to all subject areas. We believe in arts integrated education, or education in and through the arts.


A unique feature of this program for Integrated Arts is an organized class study trip to a major city. Students will attend a full schedule of cultural events, tour museums, architectural landmarks, and meet with artists and scholars. Although the destinations are subject to change each summer, some of our travels have included Washington DC, Chicago, New Orleans, and New York City. Foreign travels have taken us to China, British Isles, Greek Isles, Spain, France, Rome, and Austria.


The University of Rio Grande Master of Education Concentration in Integrated Arts Program was the 2002 recipient of the Governor’s Award for Arts Partnership.

The Governor's Awards for the Arts in Ohio is a statewide program that showcases and celebrates Ohio artists, arts organizations, arts patrons and business support of the arts.