Mild to Moderate

Intervention Mild/Moderate (4055)

The Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate graduate level license program at the University of Rio Grande is available only to those students who already hold a teaching license or certificate in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Middle Childhood, Adolescent to Young Adult, Multi-Age, or Secondary Education. This program prepares teachers to work in inclusive settings with student’s age five through twenty-one, who are serviced in a non-categorical setting, and who have been identified with mild/moderate disability in the area of learning disabilities, cognitive delay, physical disability, and/ or emotional disturbance. There are prerequisites to the program that insure that, regardless of the current license or certification, the graduate student will have a basic knowledge of all age levels. Students who are seeking licensure for Intervention Specialist Mild/ Moderate must take Internship and pass Praxis II. Some of the core courses are offered during the academic year as Internet courses. Other courses are offered during the summer. For licensure, a student must have twelve semester hours in reading methods to include three semester hours in phonics methods, and coursework in multicultural relations and also an exceptional learner course. Licensure requirements are subject to change.