The University of Rio Grande’s mission is to maintain rigorous standards in its undergraduate, graduate, and adult education programs and to engage students from a wide spectrum of abilities and backgrounds while consistently preparing students for the challenges of living fulfilling lives, reaching career goals, and being responsible citizens in a culturally diverse, global community.

The Emerson E. Evans School of Business seeks to empower the potential entrepreneurs to enter the regional, as well as global market place, through technology and international partnerships.

.The School of Education at URG/RGCC holds a shared vision for its program, candidates and community. The URG/RGCC Bunce School of Education provides a challenging environment in which teacher candidates develop into professional individuals and are sensitive to Appalachian values. Our institution offers access to a professional career through a unique community college/private university configuration. An example of Rio Grande’s unique nature is that through a particular program alignment, teacher candidates at URG/RGCC may opt for some combination of a two, plus two, plus two program which will take them almost seamlessly from a two-year Associate’s Degree to a four year Bachelor’ Degree and into a two year Master’s program. This allows the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College to open "Windows to the Future" for our candidates at all degree and licensure levels.

The mission of the Master of Education in Integrated Arts is to provide individuals who desire to become highly effective instructors, coaches, artists, and/or professional development trainers, to develop skills and competencies for being creative and innovative in various concentrations, and the confidence to lead others in the development of these skills and competencies.  The aim of this program is to prepare individuals for a future of evolving technology, intellectual development, interpersonal competencies, and career paths emerging in this new century of “conceptual innovations” and “creative design” in an international and multicultural world of shared global visions and concerns.

The University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College believes that a well-balanced program in intercollegiate Athletics is consistent with the mission of the institution and is a vital and wholesome adjunct to the purposes and goals of higher education. While participation in intercollegiate athletics is necessarily limited to students with special skills and aptitudes, it is recognized that these programs represent a source of pride and identification for not only the participants, but for all members of the university and the community. The University recognizes that participants are students first and that the primary goal of all student-athletes must be to secure a good education and obtain a degree.