Online Courses


The Graduate Program is unique for its course delivery methods and requirements. 

Resource materials/texts are required to be in hand on the first day of class.  Once you have registered for a class, find the faculty webpage for your course syllabus and view the requirements.  For verification, you may email the instructor before classes begin. 

The traditional face-to-face courses take place in a classroom:

  • Location/room/dates/times can be located on your Student Space account after registration.

Online courses:

  • The Graduate Program offers learning management systems that our instructors can use to provide course content and communications.
  • Required a good understanding of the computer and internet; Blackboard located at
  • Once registered, students may contact the instructor to find out which delivery system they will use for that particular class. 

Hybrid Courses:

  • This method combines the face-to-face classroom instruction and online web-based learning.
  • Hybrid has less classroom time and more online studying.
  • Students will be given a schedule of meeting times on the first day in the classroom.