Program Outcomes


Upon completion of the courses within the M.Ed. Program, the graduate student will:


A.  Creative Activity

  • Explore imagination as fundamental to human development.
  • Explore the theory of multiple intelligences.
  • Utilize alternative paths to acquiring knowledge.
  • Incorporate contemporary technology.
  • Implement creative projects for groups and individuals.
  • Practice brain-based active learning strategies.


B.  Personal Dignity

  • Develop and help sustain personal dignity in students.
  • Enrich the learning environment through personal experiences.
  • Nurture a love of learning through emotional engagement.
  • Nurture a love of learning through logical discoveries.
  • Employ new learning theories effectively.
  • Support worthwhile learning.


C.  Cultural Identity

  • Promote the value of self-knowledge.
  • Explore personal heritage qualities.
  • Compare and contrast cultures through artifacts.
  • Introduce common human concerns through artifacts.
  • Respect cultural identity and cultural diversity.
  • Influence human behavior through the arts.


D.  Authentic Assessment

  • Stimulate the senses to maximize teaching/learning effectiveness.
  • Effectively apply authentic, performance-based assessment rubrics.
  • Prove students reach genuine understanding with functional knowledge.