Health Services


The Health Services Department at the University of Rio Grande believes that our students come first.  We are here to serve you, and will assist you in any health related matter, whether it is physical or emotional.  The students' well-being is very important to us.  Not only are we here to help you when you are ill or injured, but also to assist you in attaining and maintaining your own health and well-being.  Our services are coordinated with other departments on campus as well as local resources within the community.  Referrals are made to local certified providers as deemed necessary at the discretion of a registered nurse.  We encourage ALL, both residential and commuter students to take advantage of our Health Services Department, where everything is free of charge to our students.   

For a list of services offered, please reference the "Services" tab on the right. Arrangements for needed x-rays, medical treatment and referrals that warrant a specialist can be initiated. In addition, we provide educational material on a variety of health topics which include specific illnesses and diseases as well as prevention.

Above all, we maintain strict confidentiality of the student's medical history and any service that one may utilize within Health Services. Information can only be released with written permission of a student.

Our Health Service Department is opened Monday through Friday from 8 AM to
5 PM. For further information or services, you may contact Health Services at 740-245-7350.

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