Mission Statement

The overall goals of the Communication majors are to provide professional training in presentational, written and technological media skills through a hybrid approach between disciplines; primarily Communication and Journalism. Together, these disciplines provide a context of a liberal and cultural education. By blending the liberal arts with professional courses the students will be provided with an interdisciplinary curriculum. Thus, the major serves the general education program; provides the opportunity for an associate of arts degree with a concentration in communication; provides courses to meet requirements in other programs; offers courses that are transferable; offers the courses to allow students seeking teaching credentials in, Communications and Journalism and Integrated Language Arts; and can be selected as a concentration within a comprehensive major.


Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science – Comprehensive Major in Communication

Bachelor of Science – Comprehensive Major in Professional & Business Communication

Associate of Arts – Communication


Learning Outcomes

The successful student will:

  • Understand the relationships between communication theory and practical applications in everyday life, including within organizations and social relationships.
  • Understand the communication contexts among and between people, rhetoric, ethics and the media.
  • Understand how the media influences society, and society the media, and the influences of communication technologies upon those relationships.
  • Know the cultural impact of the media environment on the individual.
  • Have an awareness of the implications of information technology.
  • Have developed well –honed persuasive and presentational skills.
  • Have created a professional portfolio of communication materials (rhetorical, print, graphic design, and audio/video works all may be included) and successfully passed a senior exit interview.

Additional outcomes are included on each course syllabi.