Mission Statement

The English Department’s mission is to offer the gifts of reading, writing, critical thinking and interpretative analysis, context and imaginative awareness, and appreciation and value via literature, language, and writing. In practical terms, the Department provides a major and minor in English, contributes substantively to the General Education core curriculum, and prepares students for a variety of important careers. This major presents students with both the critical experience necessary to appreciate and understand literature from a wide variety of times, places, and genres and the frequent opportunity to develop their critical, creative, and professional writing abilities, including the use of electronic media.


Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts – Major in English

Bachelor of Arts or Science – Minor in English


Learning Outcomes

The successful student will:

  • Apply critical reading and learning techniques to a variety of different genre of reading, with awareness of the historical, cultural, and social context.
  • Discern various literary forms, genres, periods, and critical approaches.
  • Compose essays that are mechanically and grammatically correct, coherent, and engaging, or, if creative, employing figuration with sophistication and style; if scholarly, correctly formatted and documented with the forms prescribed by their discipline.
  • Apply the research process successfully, including technological resources, to various academic disciplines requiring different formats.
  • Discuss, enjoy, be stimulated by, and find value in, a variety of imaginative literature via a multicultural perspective.
  • Discern various literary forms, genres, periods, and critical approaches.


The English Department is located in Robert S. Wood Hall, which opened in September, 1989. Most English classes are taught in Wood Hall, which contains an auditorium, several general classrooms, seminar rooms, two smart classrooms, and the Instructional Design and Media Center, which assists English faculty with online learning and additional technology. The offices of senior and part-time English faculty members are on the second floor. Developmental labs are taught in a smart classroom in the Jenkins Student Success Center. The Jenkins Center directly supports English courses with an open computer lab, test- and note-taking skills, English tutoring, reading and learning strategies, time management, enhancement of writing skills, and accessibility support. The Jeanette Albiez Davis Library is essential to English research via the Library’s books, microforms, audiovisual materials, periodicals, government documents, online research databases, OhioLINK, and traditional interlibrary-loan service. Campus Computing and Networking provides general and technical information and services to support English faculty and students.

Admission Requirements and Procedures

The University of Rio Grande has a policy of open admissions. All students who enjoy reading and/or writing or who plan a career in which these things would be helpful are extended a special welcome to take English courses and perhaps major or minor in English. New students at the University take the COMPASS test, which will determine placement in the first English course. Without placement testing in writing and reading, students are required to enroll in ENG 10104 Introduction to Writing and ENG 10204 Reading and Learning Strategies.