Mission Statement

A study of history should make the past more intelligible, give an insight into continuing human problems, and develop a confidence in humankind’s ability to cope with new environmental conditions. Moreover, an understanding of our own history and that of people who differ from us sharpens the critical faculties and tends to arouse a sense of social responsibility.

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts – Major in History
  • Bachelor of Science – Major in History
  • Bachelor of Science – AYA Integrated Social Studies  (see requirements listed under Education)
  • Associate of Arts – Concentration in History
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science – Minor in History

Learning Outcomes

The Student will:

  • Recognize the distinction between primary and secondary sources, understand how each are used to make historical claims.
  • Identify how causation relates to continuity and change in global frameworks.
  • Recognize connections between the past and present: i.e. locate both self and others in time and space.
  • Ability to look at other societies in a comparative context and to look at one’s own society in the context of other societies.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to deal with differences in interpretation. 
  • Critically analyze narrative structures and construct narratives.