School of Liberal Studies


The School of Liberal Studies includes the following disciplines:





Political Science


An education in one of the Liberal Studies programs will give students a rich background in writing, reading, and critical thinking, skills that are vital in today’s job market no matter what profession a student may pursue.  A liberal studies background will prepare students for a career in such fields as law, education, research, public relations, journalism, and ministry.  In addition, students can pair a liberal studies curriculum with other majors for enhanced marketability.  For example, knowing Spanish would be a benefit to a nursing student just as studying the human condition through literature would make a future Social Work professional more compassionate.

School of Liberal Studies Chair

Elizabeth Brown, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Wood Hall 245
Phone: (740) 245-7385
Fax: (740) 245-7432 

School of Liberal Studies Secretary

Brenda Loucks
Wood Hall 224
Phone: (740) 245-7254
Fax: (740) 245-7432

Mailing Address

PO Box 500
Wood Hall
Rio Grande, OH 45674
Ohio Toll Free: (800) 282-7201 Ext. 7254