With the concern for green house gases, climate change, energy prices, overflowing landfills and the overall well-being of our planet; Rio Grande is working diligently to help reduce our footprint upon this planet.

The Rio Goes Green program has been developing ideas and implementing local programs that can change and will better serve present & future generations of our campus community.
Here are some of the ways in which the Go Green program has been contributing:

  • Campus Recycling Program
  • Energy Management Program
  • Trayless Food Services (Sodexo)
  • Four Day Summer Work Week
  • Bike Racks
    Of course we need your help in this endeavor.
    Here are ways in which you can help:
  • Participate in recycling by properly disposing of acceptable items in the proper collections containers.
    Find the nearest bins and pitch in.
  • Turn off lights & electronics in rooms which are unoccupied.
    Energy is wasted whenever its used and no one is there to benefit.
  • Adjust the heating & cooling on weekends and holiday periods.
    Especially, turning off computers in labs will contribute two ways: once for the electricity saved on the unused computer and secondly for saving on the cooling costs.
  • Unplug chargers and electronics which have a "vampire" draw on current even when not being turned on.
  • Carpooling for commuters is a big savings.